BEST NC Policy Briefs

Teacher Pay in North Carolina:
A Smart Investment in Student Achievement

Teachers are the most significant in-school factor for student success and the most important thing we can do to improve our education system is to recruit, prepare, support, and retain great talent for our schools. BEST NC’s new report Teacher Pay in North Carolina: A Smart Investment in Student Achievement examines how existing teacher pay structures fail to address decades-long shifts in our national workforce and are inadequate for meeting the personal and professional needs of teachers. The report provides a set of strategic recommendations to significantly increase and improve the pay structure for teachers.

For an abbreviated version of the report, download a copy of the executive summary.

Advanced Teaching Roles in North Carolina:
Meaningful Career Opportunities for Education Professionals

Today in North Carolina, Advanced Teaching Roles are providing new avenues for teacher leadership, modernizing outdated school organizational models, empowering school leaders, and improving student achievement. BEST NC is pleased to release a new policy brief on our state’s Advanced Teaching Roles program.

To learn more about Advanced Teaching Roles, visit our program landing page.

Transforming Principal Preparation in North Carolina
Policy Brief

This policy brief highlights the critical importance of school principals and documents North Carolina’s investment in a new approach to principals’ initial preparation. It explores the business community’s role in advocacy on behalf of school leaders, and looks ahead to additional investments, policies, and communications that can continue to strengthen North Carolina’s support for school principals.

To learn more about the new North Carolina Principal Fellows Program (formerly TP3), visit our program landing page.