Facts & Figures: Education in North Carolina continues to be a crucial asset for education stakeholders across the state. Often presenting data that are not shared widely or otherwise readily available, Facts & Figures empowers us to debate big ideas grounded in a shared set of facts.

This latest edition of Facts & Figures features six new entries into our Spotlight On series, including:

  • 20-Year Enrollment Trends in North Carolina Schools,
  • The North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program,
  • Teacher Supplemental Assistance Allotment,
  • Restart Schools in North Carolina,
  • School Expenditures in North Carolina During the COVID-19 Pandemic, and
  • Early Literacy in North Carolina.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

For years, education stakeholders from across the state have relied on the accurate, timely, and easily accessible information found in Facts & Figures: Education in North Carolina to make data-driven decisions and develop meaningful solutions to our state's most pressing education issues. We asked a few of those stakeholders to tell us what makes Facts & Figures their go-to guide for education data.

The 2024 edition of Facts & Figures was developed in partnership with dozens of stakeholders and represents the collected efforts of hundreds of hours of research, reporting, and review. Thank you to our members who continue to support this important work and champion the programs and policies that improve the lives of students, educators, and school leaders alike.

Interactive Data from the 2024 Edition of Facts & Figures:

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Schools & Programs

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Education Materials: